What is SparkScore?

Total SparksTM

Total Sparks are conversations and activities across the
social graph. For example, Facebook Likes, Pinterest Pins,
Twitter Tweets, blog posts, forum discussions
and more are collected.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is the most widely adopted
customer loyalty and experience methodology. It’s the
most effective way to measure and grow customer loyalty
using customer reported recommendations.

Sentiment Engine

The SparkScore Sentiment Engine, powered by Metavana, combines
the methodology of Net Promoter with customer sentiments from the
social graph to deliver an integrated view of customer experience
without the noise.

Why should I care?


Brands create positive customer
experiences that drive word of mouth
throughout the social graph.

Satmetrix SparkScore

Conversations and activities are analyzed,
classified and categorized by strength of
sentiment to enable brands to quickly
recognize and respond to trends.

Customer Love

With SparkScore, brands are able to
recover detractors and mobilize
promoters at the speed of the
social web, delivering customer love.

How do I improve my SparkScore?

Word of Mouth

Using SparkScore, participate in the
sparks of conversations and other
activities customers have on the social
web. Drive buzz with promoters and
address detractors.

Net Promoter Score

Commit to a comprehensive NPS program
that is woven into the management
processes and culture that measures and
nurtures customer loyalty.

Improve Your Own

While you can't just buy a better
SparkScore, Satmetrix has the tools to
help you improve it. Get in touch!

Who is Satmetrix?

Co-developer of the Net Promoter

Developer of SparkScore.

The leading expert in the applications
and practices of Net Promoter.

Only cloud based applications focused
on Net Promoter Success.

Over 700 deployments worldwide.

See SparkScore capability brief.